There are five home maintenance tasks you should definitely tackle this June:

1. Inspect brick or stone patios and walkways. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on hardscape surfaces made of loose, unmortared brick, stone, concrete, or other paving materials. If frost heave and erosion have caused pavers to shift, rise, or sink, you’ll want to fix any unevenness for safety and aesthetic reasons.

2. Feed your lawn. After a wet spring, your lawn may look very nice and lush. Since Mother Nature did all the hard work, you can relax now, right? Unfortunately, no. Grass loves nutrients. Now is a great time to add a high nitrogen fertilizer to help suppress weeds and keep your lawn looking great for the summer.

“Fix uneven areas in your patio to stay safe this summer.”

3. Repair wooden fences and gates. Cycles of cold and wet weather can cause wood to move, twist, and warp. Garden gates can fall out of alignment and fence pickets can become loose or fall off. Check for any loose fencing and fix sagging gate areas.

4. Mulch your flower and vegetable beds. Insulate your planting beds with two to five inches of mulch to prevent evaporation and keep weeds in check.

5. Get your grill in gear. Nobody wants a rack of ribs with last year’s grill gunk on them, so make sure your grill is clean and that the gas hoses and connections are tight and secure.

If you take care of these items on our “check yourself” list, then your house is ready for another great summer season. If you have any questions about home maintenance or if you are interested in our current real estate market, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!